Pineflower Art

Illustrations, Comics and Concept Art


(updated December 2020)


Character Illustrations
Busts – $30 $20 (lined), $40 $30 (colored)
Half Body – $40 $30 (lined), $50 $40 (colored)
Full Body – $50 $40 (lined), $60 $50 (colored)

Colored Background
Starts at $60 $50 (ask for quote)
Painted Background
Starts at $75 $65 (ask for quote)
Starts at $75 $65 per page (ask for quote)

Email me with your character(s), what type of commission you’d like, and any pose preferences and reference material. It can be your own character or a character from any piece of media. If you’re unsure if I’ll do what you want, just ask and I’ll let you know.
(Please note that there might be an extra fee if you do not have a clear character reference, just because it takes time for me to properly design your character based off only general reference images, i.e. google image stock photos)

I will ask for payment upfront through a Paypal invoice. During the process, I will send a progress sketch and ask for confirmation before moving forward. Any major changes requested after the sketch phase will require extra payment.

I run on a queue based system. I will go in order of who I have received first, but if your commission needs to be done within a certain period of time, please let me know. I will move you to the front of the queue. Otherwise, the finished product will be received within a week of receiving your starting sketch.

Please read the Terms of Service (listed below) before commissioning.
Any questions, email me at

I will draw:
– Mech*
– Detailed Armor*
– Furries
– Original Characters
– Characters from Media
I will NOT draw:
– Gore
— Extreme Violence

*Extreme amounts of detail will make the commission price rise

Terms of Service

By commissioning me, you agree to these terms of service.

  1. I reserve the right to refuse a commission, without explanation or reason.
  2. I reserve the right to cancel a commission due to poor communication or lack of payment.
  3. I retain rights to my work for promotion.
  4. It is copyright infringement to repost my artwork without permission, tamper with the signature, or claim it as your own.
  5. You may personally post the commission as long as I am credited and I have given my consent. You may not post it for profit.
  6. I do not claim any rights to characters, scenes, or intellectual properties portrayed in my work.
  7. Please provide adequate references in both photographic and text form.
  8. Please provide a clear statement of what you want in the commission.
  9. If the commission is needed within a specific span of time, please note it. There may be a fee, depending on how fast you request.
  10. I will work on commissions in the order received. If you wish to have yours moved to the front of the queue, there will be a small fee.
  11. I send PayPal invoices, no other form of payment will be excepted.
  12. I must receive payment before I start the commission. There is no exception to this.
  13. There is a 7 day deadline on the invoice. If it passes the 7 days, the commission is canceled.
  14. Refunds can be requested, but if the commission has been started, there will be no refund.
  15. There is no fee for canceling a commission.
  16. Once paid, there will be a sketch to check on customer satisfaction. There may be as many changes desired at this stage.
  17. Once the commission has reached its finished stages (lined/colored), any major changes will result in a fee. (EX. You want to change the pose for a character after it has already been lined)
  18. Smaller changes in color or appearance will not be charged. (EX. The color of one article of clothing is off)
  19. Communication must be open and available during the commission process. Lack of communication will lead to the commission being canceled.
  20. I will send updates during the whole process to check on satisfaction.
  21. Your information is private and will not be shared with anyone.